New Client: Don’t Fear the Studio! Five Myths Debunked


1. Everyone is looking at me, judging me. Nope. They are all focused on themselves, the teacher, the subject matter, or afraid you are looking at them! So walk on in there and enjoy the ride!  We are all in this together.

2. It doesn’t matter what I wear, any old gym clothes are fine. Actually, it does! Your instructor cares about what you are wearing, not to gauge your fashion sense, but to be able to see your body.  In order to safely and skillfully guide you through your workout or yoga practice, wear spandex undershorts and/or form-fitted moisture-wicking yoga pants and tops.

3. If I rest in the middle of class, people will think I am weak. Not true! Resting actually means that you are super strong and in-tune with your body (please refer to my post on the importance of resting). Don’t worry about what your neighbor is doing — for all you know, they could be doing something totally wrong!  Focus on your form and connect with your body.  Knowing your limits will keep you healthy and strong for years to come.

4. The teacher just corrected me, I am being singled out. Again, false. When a teacher gives you an assist or a tip on your form, embrace it! This extra attention is enhancing your experience in the class.  Not only are you getting a better work out, you’re getting more bang for your buck

5. I’m not flexible enough to do yoga. This one’s my favorite and the one heard most frequently.  DUH! Lack of flexibility is exactly why you do yoga! We promise you won’t need to hold your legs behind your head for hours—at least not on your first visit. Just show up and commit. Each time your flexibility will improve and so will your life!

Originally published in Alexandria Stylebook: