About Megan


Megan Bellamy Brown is an experienced Physical Therapist with a focus on Pilates for rehabilitation. She specializes in Prenatal/Postpartum and Neurology (including stroke, MS, Parkinson's, brain injury). Megan also leads exuberant group Pilates mat classes, including Prenatal Pilates, Therapeutic Pilates, Restorative Pilates, Mommy & Me (postpartum), Pilates Boot Camp, and HAWT Pilates – a special method she developed and has turned into a teaching training course.  

Megan is co-founder of Mind the Mat, a successful and profitable Pilates and yoga studio in Alexandria,VA with a second location in Arlington, VA. She has created specialized Pilates and yoga programs for niche markets and co-developed successful, popular and well-reviewed Yoga Teacher Training program recognized by Yoga Alliance.

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