Creator of HAWT Pilates

HAWT stands for "Having A Wonderful Time." Developed by Megan Brown, HAWT Pilates is a full-body workout that combines the foundations of Pilates with heat, enabling the body to improve its range of motion in the joints. The class leaves students sweating, burning calories and carving out their core while having fun! She has also created a HAWT Pilates Certification Program for instructors that includes seminar hours and contact hours.

Dr. Megan Brown discovered Pilates after finding herself in an advanced class by accident. She was awed by the method and surprised that she needed to mentally connect with her body and control her muscles in a way she'd never experienced in her typical weight lifting, running and spinning practices. To enhance her skills at a physical therapist (PT), Megan pursued her Pilates certification through Polestar, an organization founded by a PT.