Dr. Megan Brown literally rocks you to your core in this class!"

She is an extremely knowledgable instructor, and knows just the right moves that will help you build strength in multiple muscles groups! You are able to lose yourself in the workout with her awesome playlists AND her hilarious humor! I never have a problem hearing her, she moves around assisting throughout which is awesome, and overall I highly recommend!

— Kate Moran, PhD.

After my first Megan-class, I wasn’t sure what hit me.

I used to hate Pilates. Big time. Boring, repetitive, ineffective. Major yuck. But two kids, two c-sections, and wine left me with a pooch, so off to Pilates boot camp I went. Go big, right? Take back the abs! (One can dream.) After my first Megan class, I wasn’t sure what hit me. Sweat poured. Muscles flexed in ways that seemed impossible. We danced. And most importantly, we laughed. There’s simply no other class like this, and no one like Megan. I’ve been back – religiously – ever since.

— M.L.

Come drink the MtM Megan Kool-aid, because you’ll literally never go back to regular Kool-aid!

— Diana K.

Technique and safety from a physical therapy perspective are empathized.

Megan is an exceptional instructor who gives individual corrections and provides modifications, as well as opportunities to incorporate your baby into the class. Technique and safety from a physical therapy perspective are empathized. There is a great spirit of community in the class!

— Bridget W.

“A Dr. Brown workout by any other name would be as tough."

Seriously – Megan pioneered HAWT Pilates, which is unlike any other class out there. You’ll feel yourself breaking down, but you’ll go harder and further the next class. Trust me, the progress is addictive!

— Logan D.

“She's truly one of the best.”

Always love Megan's PBC class! It's super freaking hard but so much fun. She guides you to make sure your form is correct when your moves. She's truly one of the best. Sign up for her classes fast because there's usually a waitlist!

— Cheryl M.

“5 Stars”

Killer fun. Megan is super upbeat and silly but she doesn't quit! Your arms, butt and core will be feeling this class for days!

— Hanorah H.